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Our office provides a calm and professional atmosphere to best serve your oral surgery needs in an efficient, friendly manner.  You can have confidence in the experience, talents and continual training of Dr. Rogers and his staff.

Dr. Rogers is a specialist who works closely with your general dentist
to provide you with treatment for conditions such as:

extraction of wisdom teeth
dental implants and grafting
extraction of teeth for dentures
corrective surgery for the jaw
removal of cysts and lesions
TMJ dysfunction

With specialized knowledge in pain control and advanced training
in anesthesia, Dr. Rogers is able to provide quality care
with maximum patient comfort and safety in his office.

Our online patient library gives you the opportunity to learn
about the surgical procedures done in our office,
because we believe an informed patient is a relaxed patient. 

Knowledge is important.  We want you to understand
your dental condition and be aware of your treatment choices.

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Dr. Steven Rogers, DMD


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Tuesday - Friday
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